Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm here again

I didn't know it was 3 months ago again till I read my previous post. Well actually I just got time to share my recent story with anyone out there that's interested to read a little bit of story.

Firstly, I decided to update this blog today because of what happened last night. I got an unexpected text message while I was on my way out to change water filter for my customer, we had an hour of chat or so, feels good to still chat with her. Didn't know she was still reading my blog all along, I need to thank you for this, I know I'm just one of your friend, maybe your second or third friend that you know. I have to express my gratitude towards you because I never know that I still have good image and impressions in you until last night. I thought I screwed it up all the while and I still think that I'm a really bad person for what I've done when I lost my temper. I kinda agree that it's dangerous for us to meet up again, but I believe I'm one of your close friend that you can have in your life, which is why I think we should meet up and catch up, I might be able to help you. There are so many things I would like to tell you, but I just hope we get to have a drink some day and talk about it. I'm not baiting you out, I'm just sincerely missing you as a long lost friend. Please do ask me out when you're bored, thinking about whether we should meet or not doesn't help.

Secondly, I guess i worked really hard for the past 3 months which is why i lost count on when I updated my last post. Everyday seems to be a productive day for me and I'm really enjoying being productive and I get the chance to meet up with lots and lots of old friends. I'm glad that I'm joining a business that enables me to help other people with their dreams, their goals, and even helping myself in gaining confidence and basic knowledge. Met a lot of great people ever since I joined this business, they doesn't only inspired me, they shared their real life experience, their positive energy, their persistence and determination and getting something done to achieve what they want in life! I'm really fortunate to have these people to appear in my life at this young age, it's always sweet to know that people around me are supporting me no matter what, thank you everyone, thank you!

New achievement in February 2015, more to come. One step closer to success
And thank you for taking this picture for me, my business partners chose this as my cover photo without asking me

 I'll update again soon, hopefully =) Cheers peeps

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Another 3 months updates

Well I wish I could update my blog frequently but I'm just not determined enough, maybe because I'm a happier person now :) I think I wouldn't have write this out if it isn't for someone, yes, writing this for someone again. This is gonna be a really long post, we called it "storybook" . I'll separate this into a monthly view from October to December. I can't really recall what happened throughout these months so I'll just write this out by referring to the photos I had from time to time.


 Started my new job not long ago from end of September, been learning lots of new things for my new job as a property developer. Had my weekly road trip to Kuala Lipis, Pahang started. It was always awesome to travel with my boss as he is young, dedicated and capable. This is the kind of job I'm looking for all the while, easy-going environment, flexible, room for growth, countless challenging tasks and limitless capabilities to be shown. And ultimately communication is always the key, there's no barrier for me to voice out my opinions and thoughts to my boss which is why i feel it's much more easier to work in an environment like this where i can fully make use of the ideas and plans i have in mind.

Schedule for KK league is out, it's a basketball championship for my housing area that is held every year. Honestly i wasn't ready to play for this championship at all as i think I've lost my passion and interest in basketball. Well to summarize this championship, I played pretty bad and I wasn't performing the standard I should've perform. As usual, i disappointed those who have high hopes in me, the feeling sucks but i just can't help myself in being a better player.

 One of the week that I have to go to our project site alone. It was a different experience when i get to travel outstation for work alone. I really enjoy long distance drive especially going through the highway with mountains and lots of trees along the road. I'm more a nature oriented person and I do prefer green environments rather than city that is fully developed, traveling to far places like this making me to have a peace of mind. Nice weathers, fresh airs, quiet place, nothing feels better than this when you're full of responsibilities and stress.

Had a relaxing night at Stratosphere, The Roof with both of my dearest BFF. I'm not sure how i did this but the first time i introduced them to each other just makes them feel that they have known each other for decades. Both of these girl had been supporting me a lot when I'm feeling down and depressed. Ching (the one on the left) started to know my story and helped me out since two years ago whereby Kit yee (the one on the right) have witnessed my changes since I'm 13 until now. I'm just glad to have both of them as my best friends as i doesn't believe girls can become a guys best friend until i met both of them.


Participated in a volunteer event for a Buddhist centre, it was organized by my boss and so I took part in this volunteer event. Brought a friend along for this event as a volunteer. This is the second time I volunteer in an event and sometimes it just gives a different kind of satisfaction to you when you are able to contribute a part of your energy to the people who needs them. Doesn't really matter if they are thankful or not, I felt glad and happy to see everyone working together just to make an event successful, only then i realize teamwork is really important if you want to create something big. Planning skills is much more crucial for things like this and I've learned a lot from this event by taking part and lots of new friends were made throughout the process as well.
I always believe my capability and potential in doing something great. Boss is satisfied with my performance in the company and am always glad to have some words of encouragement to boost up my confidence =) Everyone should be generous in praising and encouraging others because i always believe this will make the world a better place.
Officially joined Amway, a new family for me. Been considering to join this 5 months ago and finally made up my mind. Took me long enough to do valid research and considerations before i join this and it's another milestone that I wanna achieve for my life. I've promised myself I will never disappoint anyone that have high hopes on me anymore, I've disappointed countless people including my dad that spent 13 years of effort in training me up to become a state player in table tennis. So yeah, no more disappointing anyone, I'm not doing these just for other people but also for myself, a better future.
Dad's 58th birthday dinner. It's been awhile I had such a warm dinner with both of my parents. By writing this only then i realize my dad is already near to 60. I need to work really hard now so that I can have more time and money to bring them for a trip for at least once. It is also the first time my dad allow me to treat him this dinner after I worked for 1 year + . Unfortunately both of my parents had food poisoning after this dinner =(

Started my Amway career with a very progressive start. Have to thank you my high school senior - Cindy for providing me a chance to have a close look into this company and building up my career. Nothing is easy, but i'm sure it will worth all my sacrificed rest time and get rewarded in the coming 3 to 5 years time. Looking into the near present will not help, but looking into the future will definitely help =)

1st December - Artistry Men launched and I bought it to start up as my core product business in Amway. I love how the environment is in the centre where everyone is friendly and energetic young peoples. Was briefed to have a short cat-walk session to introduce and welcome the new-launched Artistry Men. It's a fruitful experience where I get to share my feelings after trying the product. I never look back, because I know I'm representing a world renowned product with top quality!

Get to meet up with my kindergarden friend Christine, she's been my childhood bestie since I'm 4 and she'll always be my longest friend that I've met for life. Lots of memories being recalled and also thanks to my uni housemate Stanlee for organizing this short birthday meetup session. The world is really small to have my childhood best friend to meet my uni housemate. More catch up session to be done!

Received my first wedding invitational card from my boss' brother. Well their family members already know me well as I was there to helping out when they are moving their new house. Spent literally two weeks at their new house without doing any work. It's happy though when I feel appreciated after all my hard work and energy contributed.

Started my first facial class and it's harder than what I expected. It's a fun class after all and i felt i can benefit a lot from this class. Why did i say so? It's not because I'm the only guy in this class, it's because I'm never good at noticing the details, facial class requires me to notice the details on customer face and analyze the products they need to enhance their appearance. So yeah, it will definitely help and reminds me to notice the details that happen around me all the time.

Recruited my first business partner on my own. It's always nice to have someone to work with especially it's one of your best friend. Best Christmas present ever, more to come Sam! Welcome to our big family =)
It's a different Christmas after all, I thought I had nowhere to go for this year's Christmas but luckily my high school brother Xue Jun organized this event. More than half of the peoples in this photo are new to me, so do them, but we managed to enjoy and celebrate our Christmas to the fullest. Friends are the strangers that we have met, and strangers are only the friends that we haven't met.

This, is not my girlfriend. Haha I don't know why but I love this picture a lot. She's one of my business partner in Amway. Kind, sweet and lovely girl. Discovered something in her, strong analyzing and observation skills, sort of having my super power, she just nails it every time when I'm trying to hide something. Believe it or not, I doesn't have her phone number and yet we still manage to "celebrate" Christmas together. It's been awhile since I have such a long talk with someone, enjoying my lunch and story my past. Feels good when I can tell someone about myself and having a similar interaction between each other. Not really sure how can I describe her, maybe just with three words, hot and cold. Had a minor accident before picking her up for lunch, was moody on the way to her place, but the Christmas lunch with her definitely neutralized my negative feelings. Anyway the initial plan is to meet her for 12 hours, but plan failed, 6 hours is still good enough to spend my Christmas with her, a different Christmas. 

Time flies, it really does. We were celebrating our Christmas at my place last year, this year we made it a belated one due to this year's Christmas falls on a Thursday. This year we're having it in my place again, a little different with last year. We had last minute BBQ plan instead of buying foods or doing a potluck dinner, minimal consume of alcohol compared to last year and this year's Christmas celebration is much more happening comparing to last year. We sang our lungs out from 10PM to 4AM, it's crazy, full of fun and i find it really hard to have time to gather with our friends as we grow up getting busy with our own life. Precious gathering after all, I just hope these gatherings never stop, I love all my friends, they are always awesome, like really awesome!

Before ending my 2014

I called my 2013 a life changing point as I stepped into the society from a graduate to a working adult. 
I call my 2014 a life changing point as well, I've transformed from a working adult into a mature adult. 
Looking back into my resolutions I've written down for myself one year ago, I'm glad I fulfilled most of it and am still in the midst to constantly develop myself into a better person. 

Striking through the dreams i need to fulfill just brings me one step closer to success
  1. Mature of course
  2. Eliminate the childish thoughts of mine
  3. Focus more on work instead of relationship
  4. Don't be too sentimental and emotional
  5. Be more positive in seeing everything
  6. Solve problems, not avoid
  7. Try to quit gaming
  8. Improve communication skills
  9. Smile more
  10. Talk more with my parents
 Basically fulfilled most of my resolutions except quit gaming, I sometimes still play games though but it's greatly reduced to an extent that I will be able to quit anytime, at least not so addicted and lifeless playing games anymore. 

Since I've realized the importance of fulfilling dreams/resolutions, I would like to set another 5 major things for me to achieve in 2015.

  1. Able to handle my property job in a tidy and knowledgeable manner
  2. Balance both Amway and property 
  3. Achieve 21% for my Amway career in 1 year time
  4. Be initiative and active in making conversations
  5. Be more well-rounded in talking skills, instead of being too honest and straightforward. 
2014, a perfect year for me. It might be a disaster year for others such as missing flights, serious flood problems etc. I'm seeing myself as a better person year by year, I believe as long as I keep my mindset and attitude right, I can be, and I will be success in 3 to 5 years time. That's how much confidence I have in myself, I might fall during the process but I will stand up again right away, because I'm a brand new Lee Yong Jun now.

Appreciate all my great friends and parents that given me support throughout this year, when everyone tells me that :" All the best Jun, you can do it!" , I believe in you guys and I believe in myself, will not disappoint anyone anymore, I'll prove to all of you I can do it! =)

Literally spent two days in writing this out, see you guys next year, every year will be a better year. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Always the wrong timing

It was a relaxing day, didn't really felt like working today.
Woke up in the morning with chilling mode, had my breakfast at McDonalds as usual. Enjoyed my Sausage Mc Muffin with egg, a cup of hot coffee and head to Putrajaya to submit some documents.
Headed back to office and it' already near to 12pm. Rested for awhile, had my lunch and head to TNB at Bangsar to submit other documents. Honestly, all my perception towards my nation people had slightly changed. By travelling to different places and talking with different peoples, there are actually lots of helpful and kind people regardless of race.

Done with my task with the day by travelling to these places. It was 4:30PM, heavy rain with heavy traffics and I got approval from my superior I can call off my day without heading back to office. Sat in my car for awhile and wondering should I find her since I'm just 5 minutes away from her workplace. My heart asked me to give her a call, well she's okay to meet with me again. I think we are seeing each other for 4 days within a week time. Wandering around in the mall for 2 hours and thought of lots of things, I'm always pressuring myself too much...

Maybe it's a wrong decision to find her today, all my bad habits resurfaced bit by bit. It was painful to see myself doing what I did again as I thought I've already get rid of these bad habits. Can't control my anger, we argued over something we shouldn't talk about. It's the day you make your counselling over me, criticize me like how I used to do to you everyday. I doesn't like the atmosphere, it was so intense, so harsh, I can't breathe. You read my heart like how I read yours, I'm not sure if we really know each other well or it's just we both have the ability to.

Just felt that I'm still not mature in relationship, anger and jealousy took control over me. Am always loving someone at a wrong timing but it always happened to be when I love it real and deep. You said : " Thank you for loving me, now only I felt what love really should be like, this kinda love is big love which very less people can really do it. " Spending all the heart to heart talk moments with you in the car is really memorable, it's quiet, peaceful and intense at the same time, so much mixed feelings surrounding us. There were moments that we wanted to hug each other but we know we can't, it was so tempting but still we managed to press ourselves down.

It's good you have some new friends, and I think sooner or later these new friends will try and help him to get you. Don't get me wrong, am not worried or jealous, just that I feel like it will happen. I can't look into your eyes like how you look at me, I'm defeated, you felt weak, I felt myself even weaker when I'm with you. Everything just happens too fast, I can't react to the situation, I didn't know it could be so real, I didn't know it will be so complicated, but I sincerely hope this relationship will work....

If I always started at the wrong timing, I hope it will end at the right timing... Just for once

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another new life

It's been another 4 months again. But this time is a little different. I'm writing this at 4AM. Can't really get into sleep. I'm bothered by lovey-dovey related things again, hate the feeling of jealousy, and it sucks when I'm jealous on my own friend.

Anyway, doesn't really wanna talk about it. So now I'm into a new job, a job that I never thought that I will be in. Guess it's fate, or maybe I'm just too lazy to find for other job. Not sure if I'm on the right path, cause this job is gonna take my time for at least 3 years to get used to everything. Graduated in psychology & management degree, but ended up working as a property developer, it's not even connected at all. Every friends of mine asked the same question, why are you in this field? Why is your salary so little yet you still wanna work for it? For me salary isn't a big deal to me, as long as I'm still able to cover up my basic expenses and survive, getting the entry level salary is sad of course, but I have to bear with it in order to get what I want, it doesn't matter how much things I'm gonna do for my employer, it doesn't matter how much time I have to spent on my work. Just because I'm doing everything in this company from A to Z, it's the best opportunity for me to learn everything, to understand everything in detail.

"The smaller the thing is, the more you should pay attention for" , this is how great people achieve what others cannot achieve, be cautious of the details and know everything that's running throughout the process. I'm still lazy , stuck up with the games that I've been playing for 10 years, I'm trying to get rid of it, it's hard, but I know my future will be ruined if I keep playing it. I can give out awesome advice that everyone wonders how can this young man give such wise advice, but actually I'm that kind of person that only talks more than doing and proving it. I'm just never good in executing something. There's so much thing that I wanted to do but I never took any initiative in doing anything I want, I'm too afraid of failure, I'm too afraid to accept that I'm wrong or I'm not capable. Anything that have low chance of succeed I'm just telling myself it's not going to work without giving a try. Hate myself for being such a coward, but hating myself is not going to change anything!

Feel so ironic, that's how much I know about myself and I'm not making changes to all my weakness. I'm starting to feel my negative emotions are coming back to me, I'm starting to doubt my own capability again, I really need someone who I can always talk my heart to. I have this one close friend that I cherish a lot, but unfortunately she's leaving to Singapore to pursue her career. It's good for her, she finally get what she wanted all along, a job in Singapore, and the man she wanted for very long. Wishing her all the best in her life in Singapore.

I don't know how many girls that I've liked before, it just never seems to work. I'm really fed up with it, am I being too good, am I being too honest, am I being too straight forward, cause what I'm feeling is all my good hearted actions and my honesty is killing myself, everyone is taking advantage on it. So from now on, I will not reveal all my things easily to people around me, I'm being too kind and too easy to explore by others which makes people feel that I'm invaluable because they don't need to do anything for me to tell anything they want to hear. It's hard to be a good person, and being a good and kind person won't get you anywhere in this society, your kindness and honesty will just put you in trouble in the working life and this fucked up life.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Wow, Didn't know it was 3 months since I updated my blog.
Well everyone says working life time will pass really fast, it's true.

Been busy working alone ever since my supervisor resigned.
Working life is tough as hell, but sometimes I feels like working do really need some passion and motivation, which I'm lacking on.
Lots of changes have been made within the company, lots of decisions I've made for myself as well, at least my life wasn't so miserable compared to how I was.
I feel really glad that I've changed to a much more better person by now. Friends doesn't tease me as the emo guy any more, they feel glad too with the changes that I've made to myself. Human is just the type of thing that we need to grow day by day. Being better and better

Seems like love life is always the thing that is fated to me.
A new colleague started working with me, she is pretty, intelligent, dedicated and potential.
I'm not sure how can I describe her, she's just the type of girl that every guy will fall for her, she's way too charming. And the sad thing is I can't differentiate the feeling of love or like any more. It seems like I like her because she's beautiful? Or I'm liking her because she's a really intelligent girl that I'm looking for. I'm not sure about it, everyone that knows her appearance encourage me to approach her, I wanted to, just that I don't know how. I'm never good at initiating a conversation and maintaining the flow. Still not sure what's my feeling to her, some say I already started to like her, some just ask me to go for it cause I'm too damn lucky to have her as my colleague.

Can't deny I admire her deep inside my heart, she helped me solve out the problem I'm facing for 8 months in my company the moment she joined the company for only two days. I don't know what motivated her to help me out in my problem with the management, but she just helped me out and I feel really thankful. Yet again she's elder than me and just because she's mature and it led me to think that she might not be interested in me. Maybe it's just some sort of excuse for myself since I don't really dare to start anything. I don't know, I'm still confused between the feeling of love, like or lonely.

Other than that, life starting to makes sense to me. Have some own way to generate more income which I don't give a damn about it in the past. But yeah, everything is improving, will be better from time to time. So I guess that's it, nothing really much about my life for now as I don't brag about how sad I'm feeling any more. Just wish me luck? Will update again when I'm free, cheers

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Birthday

Didn't realize that the last update was one month ago, time flies. Just a short post, wishing someone happy birthday here sincerely. Can't deny that i still miss you sometimes. Hope you enjoy your 25th birthday. Cheers~

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Busy life

Finally I'm free to update this blog. It's been a really long fortnight I had. Been meeting lots and lots of friends in the past two weeks. Some of them I didn't see them for quite some time, the longest one are around 7 years. I love meeting new peoples as there are different stories and experience to me. One of my senior which is the one that I did not met her for 7 years, she taught me lot of things and guiding me on my pathway for life. I really have to thank her for that cause she noticed that I was too emotional and i was kind of shocked when she reached me and asked me to meet up with her. 

Couldn't really remember which day it is, but it was a meaningful day. She's really independent and potential in her career. After meeting up with her i wonder myself how could a girl be so positive and motivated than me in her career and life. Life is always wonderful, although i know me and you are not going to have a chance to meet or talk anymore, but i really wishing you sincerely from my heart to have a happy and satisfying life. Your life was hard, now you deserve to enjoy and do whatever you want cause all you want is simple and freedom. I knew what i did wrong and it was just me being me, I would like to apologize to you even if you're not reading this anymore. 

I used to let relationship being at the first place in my life. But now i know i couldn't, because I'm never a good lover. I'm not capable in maintaining a relationship yet, I'm just not mature and stable enough. There's so many other things for me to work and improve for my future life, been reading lots and lots of inspirational quotes and short stories. I know I have to let go, the ring you gave me will remind me on things I need to do. I just want to thank you for being there for me, loved me for that moment although it's a short period, I'm really glad to have you and you're the first ex that I never hate or regret having you. Of course I still hope we can be friends, but i know after things I said and done it just makes everything goes impossible. 

Responsibility is getting heavier, I started to feel pressure on my shoulder. Now i see all the politics happening in the working life, everything is a psychology war. Everything is done mentally, not behaviorally. There's much more for me to learn, for me I know things that I've learnt up to date is just so little. Sometimes I still get distracted from work easily and I'm not really disciplined enough. I do really prefer working life over study life, it's much more meaningful and challenging for me. Can't really recall what I did for this two weeks but i only know i met up with all my friends from primary school until university friends. 

Life is hard, live smart, don't live hard.